Translated Voices was set up in 2012 as a forum for translating, transmitting, and relaying the human stories of the world which go untold every day, a way of giving a public voice to those that struggle to be heard, and a way of highlighting stories too often sidelined. It’s about people; who we are, what we are, wherever we are.

This is us.


Jennifer Cearns, the Founder and Editor of Translated Voices, is currently finishing a degree in English and Portuguese at the University of Oxford. She speaks several languages, and has lived in the UK, Portugal, the Azores and Brazil. She is also a photojournalist, writer, translator and classical musician, and works as a singer. To date, she has had academic papers, poetry translations and a short story published. Her passion for human stories has stemmed from extensive travel and a long run of incongruous experiences, including sleeping in bus stations in South America, hitch-hiking on a donkey through a volcano in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, bus-hopping in Taiwan, haggling over a camel in North Africa, and running a school for under-privileged children in a remote town in Brazil.


All comments, feedback, and contributions are welcomed through the Comment/Contact links below articles. For submission proposals, contact jhezra@hotmail.co.uk
Images at top of home page are copyright © Lee Jeffries
Unless denoted, all text and other images copyright © Jennifer Cearns


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